Quarter of a Century & Life beyond it

Recently I came across many social media posts that talk about, how we don’t want to grow beyond 25. I felt the same way and wondered why. So I created a list of reasons and debated within my own head –

       Getting Older – This is a fact that no one can deny or argue against. Since birth, we start approaching our last day on this planet. But then why not we talk against birth only. It’s like reading a book and willing to pause midway just because it will end. How will you discover the climax? If one wants to enjoy and live the story, they can’t stop midway. Similarly, in life if one wants to understand and discover it fully they will have to keep growing and living. It’s a fact you can’t change then why not stop cribbing and live on…
Grey Hair, wrinkles, and increasing/ depleting weight these are small things people uselessly worry about. Those who want to stay fit are fit irrespective of their age and those who are careless are obese since childhood. Age has nothing to do with it. Just take care of yourself!

              A Life full of responsibilities – Life was always full of responsibilities. We are given responsibilities of things we can handle. When we were kids, we were responsible for staying cute, obeying elders, not spilling food, getting good marks, behaving like a kid, etc. Then we were expected to choose subjects, courses, career, etc. More and more responsibilities mean more and more freedom. Isn’t that something we always wanted. So beyond 25 there will be more freedom with more responsibilities, then why so much drama. I guess we grow wiser too not just older.

    Life becomes serious – It’s a myth! Life is as serious as you make it. We had all kind of classmates when we were young. Some use to participate in everything. Some always wanted to stay by themselves. It is same after 25 too. Those who want to participate, take part in everything they like and those who don’t want to, do not. This is again irrespective of age. It’s a choice people make.
Now some might argue about life changing decisions and expectations of people from you when you cross 25. Things like getting married, a good job, pursuing serious education and so on. Similar but different expectations were always there. Getting good scores in 10th then selecting right stream. Parental and peer pressures existed that time also. Then after few years came college, then job. World will keep on expecting different things from you at a different age. At an age of 90, they will also expect you to die or maybe before that. So stop letting these things get to you. But don’t be a complete slag, have a goal and move towards it otherwise, life becomes boring. And trust me boredom is the worst enemy of mankind. Goals make life interesting. Pursue your goal and enjoy the journey! 

After this written discussion with the reader, I have reached the conclusion that

  •  It’s not only Getting Older It’s Simply Moving Forward
  •  It’s not only Life full of responsibilities It’s Life full of Freedom and Wisdom
  • Life doesn’t become Serious It becomes more Interesting