How to transform your house into a home?

“Home is the nicest word there is” - Laura Ingalls Wilder

When I think of Home, three words that come to my mind are Love, Memories, and Comfort. These three feelings are created by people living inside those four walls. Here are few ways to portray love, memories and comfort in your house and make it a home.

Fill it with pictures of those you love. Don’t get carried away and post them on all the walls. Choose walls, sizes, frames and pictures wisely.
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If you have created anything when you were a kid or after becoming an adult, display it. If you have kids with a creative hand then use their creations to show off.
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Rugs and Carpets
Bring in the cozy feel with rugs and carpets. Put it below your center table, around your bed or wherever you like it. This adds comfort on the floor.
Image Credit: Eu Decoro

Light it up
Use lights to keep your home bright and lively. You may select chandelier, table lamp, simple tube light or whatever suits your requirement. Try to fill home with natural light early in the mornings. Apart from saving electricity bill, it brings in positivity in the mood.
Image credit: Kids Tree

Smell is a strong sense. We associate so many things with there smell like chocolate, flower, garden and sometimes people too. Use the candles or air fresheners of your favorite fragrance.
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Home represents those who live in it. Use colors you like, kind of taste you have, be it modern, vintage or traditional. Fill it with the things and style that resembles your choice.
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Look After
A home is beautiful only when it’s clean and clutter free. You must adapt regular cleaning routine. Dedicate time and days to different tasks of home maintenance. Involve everyone who lives in it someone for gardening, someone for dusting, someone for laundry and so on. Divide these tasks among yourselves and simply enjoy.

Love, Laugh, and Share
No bed is comfortable if you are not happy. No house is home without those who live in it. So give each other love, respect, trust, care and time. This is the most important step for turning your house into a lovely Home. Happy Living :)