How Vintage Home Décor can enhance the Beauty of the Interior of Your Home

The concept of decorating the interiors of a home has been around for ages and has evolved in numerous ways. With the changing times the style and format of interior décor has also changed. Today, there are countless interior design and decoration ideas floating in the market, which use both contemporary as well as traditional decoration schemes for enhancing the beauty of the interiors of a house.  However, in the recent years there has been a sudden surge in the popularity of vintage decoration for the interiors of a home. Many people attribute the credit for the same to the growing awareness about saving environment by recycling and re-using old items including furniture, home décor items and even crockery. Another major reason that has made vintage decoration so popular is that it enables homemakers to beautify their dwellings in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Before we delve further into the various aspects of vintage home decoration, let us understand what the term actually means. 

What Does Vintage Home Décor Mean?

The simplest way of defining vintage home décor is to say that it is a decoration style that uses old and antique things for the beautification of any space. The items used can be centuries old furniture, fittings, woodwork or even the decorative items that were used by the earlier generations of your family. In fact any item that is being reused for adding to the creativity of the interiors of a house is considered to be a part of the vintage decor. 

Many times vintage décor is also used synonymously with eco-friendly interior designing. This is mainly due to the fact that this style of decoration focuses on retaining what already exists rather than destroying the environment to create a new item to be used for similar purposes. 

Why to Opt For Vintage Décor?

Having understood the basic concept of vintage décor, many people often wonder why they should opt for it. Such people often feel that since the décor makes use of things and items that have already been used at least once, they might make the interiors look shabby and rustic and might not even last long. This speculation is based on the concept that items that have been used for years tend to lose their grace and even strength. However, you need to understand that not every item is suitable to be used for vintage decoration. The choice depends on a variety of factors including expected life and the investment required to revamp the graceful appeal of the antiques and used items. 

Moreover, each piece of antique utilized in a vintage décor plan comes with the warmth of having being used and passed the tests of time. Every such item has its own history, and if it has been in the family for a while, there are definitely good and bad memories associated with the item, that you would not like to part with so easily. Also, a collection of items of different ages styles, materials and patterns add a unique variety to the interiors and make it come alive with a harmonious blend of colors and designs. 

Some Truly Magnificent Idea for Vintage Home Décor

When it comes to decorating your house in a vintage style, your creativity is what matters the most. You can choose to use the items you have and are going to purchase in whatever way you like, with the only condition being that they should add to the beauty of your house. Given below are some truly magnificent ideas for vintage home decoration.

          A Unique Dining Corner: 

Imagine being able to sit in a differently styled seat and taking on the role of a person who might have sat in it many years ago. Yes, this is precisely what you can experience in your unique dining corner every time you take a meal.  You can choose to arrange several chairs from different eras and styles around your dining table to get rid of the mundane uniformity and create something truly unique. Just make sure that all the chairs are high enough to enable you to eat your meals comfortably.

          A Storage Cabinet Made From An Old Almirah:

 If you have small or even young kids, then this is something you will find really useful. You can use the almirah to store the everyday items of your children, including their toys, crayons, paperwork and other art and craft items that the children keep throwing around. Alternately, you can also use the almirah to store toiletries, medicines or even grocery items that do not get spoiled.  

          Clothes Basket Turned Into Hanging Storage:

 If you have no place to keep your old cane clothes basket, just hang it from the roof and use is as a swing for the kids or a hanging storage for you laundry or other such things.  You can also add a little decoration to the basket to turn it into a unique hanging chair to place things while moving. 

          Gramophone Disk Turned Into Corner Table: 

If you have gramophone disks that are no longer useful, you can turn them into an adorable corner table by sticking together a couple of disks and placing them on top of antique black metallic stand. 
The above vintage décor ideas just provide a sneak peek into the world of innumerable possibilities of turning used and antique items into magnificent decoration for your home. You can create countless such items by combining your creativity with unique style.

The Best Places to Buy Vintage Items

You would almost definitely need to shop for some antiques and aged items and accessories to implement your vintage décor plan. Having a proper idea of where to purchase such items from, will not only help you save valuable time but also enable you to find the right things at the right price!

Given below is a list of places where you can go shopping for the items you might require for decorating your house in vintage style. 

·         Renowned Vintage Dealers
The best place to buy authentic vintage items is definitely through a vintage dealer. However, it is important to make sure that the dealer you choose is renowned for providing good quality items at reasonable prices. Buying from such dealers not only saves you from investing in duplicate items, but also offer you a better choice and variety to suit your needs and your budget.
·         Local Auction Houses
Although buying from auction houses can prove a bit costly, you are sure to get the best antiques at such places only. Moreover, the items offered by auction houses are generally well maintained and of some historical value, and making them a part of your vintage décor is sure to add class and style to the same.
·         Flea Markets
Flea markets can prove to be a treasure trove of some really classic antiques. Most often people do not realize the value of an aged item that they intend to give away at throwaway prices. However, it requires an expert eye to find the hidden jewels in the trash that is often provided at such markets.
·         Online Stores
Online stores such as eBay, provide an easy medium for finding the aged or historic items you might be looking for. You just need to provide the details of the items you are looking for and wait for the right response.  This method of buying antiques for vintage decoration is not only extremely simple but also quite cost effective.
·         Junk Stores & Roadside Sales
Junk stores are another great place to look for really useful antiques and aged things. Many times, you might also find the item of your choice at a roadside sale, after having through the best vintage stores for the same. Moreover, you have a greater chance of getting some magnificent items at bargain prices from such stores and sale counters.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Items for Vintage Decor
Choosing the right items is extremely essential for creating an elegant and rewarding interior décor. For items which you need to purchase from the market, check the following important factors to ensure that you invest in something useful and worthwhile.

1.      Quality of The Pieces: This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a vintage décor item. Antique wooden items offer the best quality as they are generally crafted form solid timber known to provide a long life. Similarly, old accessories and hardware items made form metals like tin and brass, which are no longer in use also prove to be a perfect choice for vintage décor.
2.      Range of Choice: Most often the products that have been created centuries or even decades earlier come in a much wider range than those available today. So make sure you choose the right items that match the overall schema of the décor and also come at competitive price. 
3.      Uniqueness of Items: When you shop for antique items, you are sure to come across some things that are truly unique and can add an entirely different look to your vintage décor plan. But make sure that the pieces are authentic and are not overpriced, so that you do not end up making a wrong choice and bad investment.